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Homeowners Insurance in Stratford

Completely eliminate worry and stress about potential property damage to your home in Stratford by protecting it with a customized homeowner’s insurance policy. A wise investment you’ll never regret, Atlantic & Laurel Insurance provides comprehensive homeowners insurance coverage according to the specific aspects and risk factors unique to each property owner. Safeguard your assets against unforeseen loss with a customized home insurance policy tailored specifically to your Stratford residence with the assistance and expertise of one of our experienced and trusted insurance advisers.

Evaluating the Value of Your Stratford Home

Your home insurance rate is calculated based on a range of variables that include the age of your home and the condition of its operating systems. Electrical and heating systems, plumbing, the condition of your roof and any recent home upgrades are factored into your policy that is also designed to offer coverage for losses incurred from theft or damage due to circumstances beyond your control. Protect your property and assets against fire, lightning, accidents and any natural disaster with an Atlantic & Laurel home insurance policy that is tailored to your individual and family needs.

Protect Your Financial Assets

One of the wisest decisions you can make as a Stratford homeowner is to investigate every insurance option available to protect you against liability if someone is injured on your property, or if you are held liable for damages to someone else’s property. In the event that a liability claim is filed against you, an Atlantic & Laurel insurance policy can be tailored to cover repairs, medical expenses and other related costs should you ever face a legal claim for damages. Learn more about a complete range of homeowner’s liability insurance options before deciding which type of coverage is right for you. Our qualified agents are available to answer questions on any aspect of insurance coverage for your Stratford home.

Choosing your Home Insurance Policy

Regardless of the type of property you own, your home is your most precious asset and requires the best level of insurance protection available. Your personalized home insurance policy can vary from standard coverage to highly customized and detailed indemnification that takes into account home improvements and depreciation values over time. Risk factors for your particular Stratford dwelling are studied carefully when calculating your insurance premium rate. Our authorized insurance specialists painstakingly source out and compare a range of available rates and provide in depth clarification of each and every coverage option to protect your home. Benefit from the most comprehensive plans at the best rates possible when you write or call for a free quote from an experienced Atlantic & Laurel Insurance agent.

Fire Insurance

Fire insurance is a specific form of insurance involved in your other property insurance. Fires are something many of us see happening on the news, but tend to think it will never happen to us.

But it’s important to know that anyone’s home could catch fire and burn partially or fully to the ground. Even if you are safe around the home and don’t leave elements on or risk electrical fire, there are still forces out there that are simply out of our control.

Lightning may not be something you account for in life, but arsonists are a very real threat.

By investing in fire insurance for your home, you’ll ensure that should the worst happen, the contents of your home will be covered and you will be assisted in rebuilding whatever needs to be rebuilt.

As a homeowner in Stratford, it’s important to protect yourself, your family, and your home. Let Atlantic & Laurel help you do just that.

Flood Insurance

Melting snow and heavy rainfall can be annoying to go outside in, but even worse when they result in flooding. While you may get warning signs that flooding is going to occur, it doesn’t always come when expected, and you may never know if your home is going to be susceptible.

When purchasing a new home in Stratford, many homeowners will ask about the potential for flooding. And, even if it has never happened before, that doesn’t mean it will never happen.

As an insurance company, you’d be surprised at how many of our clients come through the door telling us about unexpected flooding occurring in their home!

Don’t take the risk. Get in touch with Atlantic & Laurel today and make sure you’re protected from flood damage.

Homeowner Insurance Tip

Installing safety devices in your Stratford home protects your family in addition to helping you save money on insurance premiums. The simple addition of a sprinkler system, smoke detector or a monitored alarm system may qualify you for reduced home insurance premiums. Inform your insurance provider regarding any and all safety and home improvements to receive discounts on your policy.

Atlantic & Laurel: Your Insurance Agents

Many people want life insurance but don’t even try to get it because they believe they can’t afford it. At Atlantic & Laurel, we work with our clients to get them the benefits they need, while staying within their budget. As an insurance company, we aren’t just invested in our bottom line—we’re invested in the people who walk through our doors.

Whether you’re looking for fire insurance for your older home or contents insurance for your belongings, we can make sure you get everything you’re looking for, and maybe even more.

If you’re living in Stratford and need help getting started with your homeowners insurance policy, pick up the phone and give Atlantic & Laurel a call today.

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